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Famous food in Malaga: What to try on holiday?

by Wailele
Table with a variety of food, paella, thin shells, grilled prawns, clams and steamed mussels.

If your are asking yourself what is the famous food in Malaga; what to try on holiday, here you have a list with the most tipical food to try on the Costa del Sol.

Sardine skewers

Sardine skewers

There is nothing more characteristic of Malaga than a good espeto of grilled sardines at a beach bar. Don’t leave Malaga without trying them! They are to die for. Little word of the baby Jesus.

Porra antequerana

Porra antequerana in an clay casserole dish

Malaga has its own fresh soup, similar to salmorejo from Cordoba, but with some variety. It is made with tomato, green pepper and is usually accompanied by boiled egg and tuna. I love it!

Malaga salad

Malaga salad with egg, orange, potato, black olives, onion and olive oil.

As its name suggests, this is the typical salad of the region. It is mainly made with boiled potato, cod, orange and olives. A mixture of flavours that are a delicacy in the mouth.


Cold ajoblanco soup in earthenware casserole dish

A cold soup made with ground almonds, bread, garlic and oil. It is very typical of Malaga and is served very cold. It is recommended to get through the high temperatures of the summer in Malaga.

Conchas finas (thin shells)

fine shells with lemon

Conchas finas (thin shells) are typical of the whole Malaga coast and one of my favourite dishes. I promise you, they go down well on their own. Don’t forget to add a little salt, pepper and lemon to taste.

Fried anchovies with lemon

fried anchovies with lemon

If the people of Malaga call them boquerones (anchovies), it must be for a reason. Boquerones are another of the star “pescaítos” and one of the typical dishes of Malaga. From the sea straight to the palate, coated in flour and accompanied with lemon. By the way, the best ones are the Victorian ones.

Malaga fried fish

Malaga frying of squid rings, anchovies, marinated dogfish, octopus and fried baby squid.

If you go to a chiringuito and you don’t know which fish to choose, I suggest you order a fritura malagueña. It is a medley of fried fish: anchovies, red mullet or baby squid, among others. Ask for it, you won’t regret it.

By the way, if you are looking for where to eat in Malaga, here is a selection of the best restaurants in Malaga according to the website El Tenedor.


Malaga country sandwich with chicken, ham, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato and peppers.

I have yet to find this fast food delicacy anywhere else but in Malaga. I’m going to try to collect signatures to get them to export it beyond the Malaga border because it’s to die for.

It’s one of those dirty, dirty foods where the mayonnaise drips out of your mouth, mmmm! But it makes you so happy to eat dirty food sometimes, doesn’t it? Besides, the camperos are cheap and delicious.

For those of you who haven’t heard of a campero, it’s a distant cousin of the hamburger. It’s made with round, crispy toasted bread (nothing to envy to the typical hamburger bun), stuffed inside with ham, cheese, chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise. If that’s not enough, you can also add bacon or egg, so you don’t say you’ve gone hungry.

Aubergines with sugar cane honey

fried aubergines with sugar cane honey

Another of my favourite dishes in Malaga are the fried aubergines with sugar cane honey. Nowhere like they do in Malaga.

Caldillo de pintarroja

Redfish stew in an clay casserole dish

Caldillo de pintarroja is a very common tapa in Malaga. It is a fish broth made with dogfish. If you’re wondering right now what a pintarroja is, don’t worry, I didn’t know either. It is a mini shark from the bay of Malaga. It is used to make this broth, which can also be accompanied by other fish, clams or prawns.

Dish from the mountains

A dish from the mountains of Malaga with roast meat, fried chorizo, fried peppers, eggs and chips.

Also known as “huevos a lo bestia”. The “plato de los montes” is one of those dishes that you end up winning after a long hike.

There are many different types, with pork loin with lard, chorizo, black pudding, migas or a long etcetera, always accompanied by fried potatoes and eggs. As you can see, all very healthy things with (almost) no cholesterol. This typical dish from Malaga is especially common in the Montes de Malaga.


Gazpachuelo malagueño in an clay casserole dish

Gazpachuelo from Malaga is the most typical hot soup of Malaga. Although it has many varieties, it is mainly made with fish soup, boiled potato and mayonnaise. Order it if you go to Malaga in winter and feel like warming up.

Malaga cabbage

malagueñas cabbage with chorizo and black pudding

We continue with winter dishes in Malaga, in this case, it’s the turn of Malaga cabbage, a stew made with chickpeas and beans.

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