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Where are you?

We are located in Playa de Maro, Nerja, in the province of Malaga.

It is necessary to be there to enjoy your reservation.

Click on the image to get our location using Google Maps.

Do I need to make a booking?

Yes. It´s very important to have an enjoyable day without wasting time.

Online bookings have preference.

With your booking you ensure your seats without waiting on endless queues.

The kayak or Paddle Surf tours in Maro and the free rental are limited and the queues WITHOUT RESERVATION last at least 1 hour of waiting without any guarantee because the reservations have preference.

What time should I be at Playa Maro?

You must be at the beach 30 minutes before the departure of your booking.

This is necessary to prepare the equipment and give you the minimum instructions before the departure of your booking.

What is the minimum age to be able to go on the tour?

The minimum age is as follows:

Kayak route: 4 years old.

Children from 4 to 6 years old are free of charge as long as they weigh less than 30kg and will go at all times between 2 adults in a special kayak for these cases.

Paddle Surf: 10 years old.

Do I need to bring a suit, special clothes or footwear?

You only need to wear a swimsuit.

It is advisable to wear a cap, sunscreen and a t-shirt to avoid skin chafing with the life jacket.

It is not essential to wear shoes, but if you have booties or other water sports shoes, you can wear them.

Do you have a safe place to store our belongings?

Yes. We have a safe place where we can keep 1 backpack with your belongings, per reservation.

Is there any free parking?

There is a public free parking on foot about 5-10 minutes away from Playa Maro.

Unfortunately we do not control the parking and do not know the availability of free slots depending on the day and time, but we recommend that you get there in advance.

This will allow you to arrive, park and get down to the beach in peace and happy, without rushing, in time to enjoy your bookings .

Can we pay the rest of the booking by credit card or cash?

Both options are possible, but we recommend that you carry some cash in case the POS does not work. The mobile signal in Playa Maro is not very strong and sometimes the POS does not connect.

We do not have our own vehicle. Can we get to Playa Maro by public transport?

Yes. In Muelle Heredia, Malaga, there is a direct bus line to Maro.

They also have the M-110 busline from Benalmadena to the bus stop Muelle Heredia in Malaga.

The M-220 line from Marbella and surroundings to Fuengirola. And from Fuengirola the M-120 line to Torremolinos with connection to the M110 line to Muelle Heredia Malaga.

From the last stop of the direct line to Maro, you can take a cab that for a very small fee will take you to the beach.

Is there any place to eat?

On the beach there is a small Chiringuito (Beach restaurant) where you can eat and drink.

Do you have toilets and showers?

Yes. At Maro Beach there are Toilets and Showers.

Can I bring my own camera?

Wailele’s Guided Kayak and Paddle Surf Tours include free photos and videos that we take with our own GoPro cameras, but if you want to bring your own, you can do it.

Can I eat during the tour?

The level of our routes are easy, for children and adults. It is not necessary to bring food or Beverages, but a bottle of water or an snack bar is always welcome.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We always check the sea conditions days in advance.

The safety of our clients comes first.

If the sea conditions are not good for the safety of our clients and the activities, the tours will be cancelled.

We notify our clients in advance, as far as possible.

We usually give at least 1 day’s notice before the date of the tour.

We give the client the option to refund the payment made online or change the date of the tour to another day with better sea conditions. The client decides.

We do this to avoid unnecessary expenses and trips. We understand that making a trip and the expenses involved and not being able to make the tour could be a problem.

We must clarify that the forecast and seaforecast tools to check the sea conditions are not 100% accurate and there is some margin of error.

The sea conditions sometimes change abruptly, the same day and it may be the case that we can not warn you as far in advance as we would like to avoid inconvenience. This situation would be out of our hands and there is nothing we can do about it.

We want our customers to have a good experience on the tour so we are always attentive to provide the best service and attention.

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