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Kayak Tour: How to get to Maro by bus

by Wailele

Will indicate the lines of the public bus that you can take to get comfortably to Playa de Maro and enjoy your kayaking and paddle surfing tour with Wailele to the cliffs and waterfall of Maro Cerro-gordo.

At first it may seem a bit complicated but we assure you that it is the easiest, simplest and cheapest way to get to Playa Maro if you don’t have your own vehicle.

Thousands of people do it this way every summer.

From Marbella and surroundings

Line M-220 Marbella to Fuengirola

From Fuengirola you have 2 options.

1- Go to the train station which is right next to the Fuengirola bus stop and go directly to Malaga (last stop). Once in Malaga, go to the bus station Muelle Heredia. It is a 7 minute walk. From Muelle Heredia there is a direct bus line to Maro.

2- From Fuengirola bus station take the M-120 to Torremolinos and in Torremolinos take the M-110 to Muelle Heredia, which is the last stop.

The key is to get to the Muelle Heredia bus stop in Malaga which is located in the port.

From there you can take the bus line that goes directly to Maro.

These options are totally valid if you are also in Fuengirola and surroundings like Los Boliches.

From Benalmádena Costa

When we indicate Benalmádena Costa, we indicate it as an extreme point.

By this we mean that El Pinillo, La Carihuela, Torremuelle, Torremolinos, La Colina, Los Alamos, etc. also count.

From Benalmádena Costa the journey is even easier.

Just take the next bus line:

Line M-110 to the last stop in Malaga; Muelle Heredia.

And from there at Muelle Heredia buy a ticket for the direct line to Maro with the ALSA company.

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