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Paddle Surf: Benefits for your body and mind

by Wailele
Wailele monitor doing paddle surfing at the Maro waterfall in Nerja

We will talk about the great benefits of paddle surfing (SUP). We will try to answer all the questions you usually ask us on our tours and we hope you will be even more excited to practice this fascinating sport.

Which parts of the body do we exercise with Paddle Surf?

Stand Up Paddle we work out almost every muscle in our body. Thanks to the constant balance you have to maintain on the board, you excersice all the leg muscles, as well as the core remains active at all times, strengthening the abdominals. For the paddling you use your arms, back, chest and shoulders. 

woman in wetsuit on yellow and blue paddle surf boar in a paddle surf tour in Maro Nerja with Wailele

Because it is a very low-impact exercise, it is unlikely to damage tendons and ligaments. 

Lifting dumbbells at the gym or participating in high-impact sports, are more likely to be injured.

Lifting dumbbells at the gym or engaging in high-impact sports is more likely to lead to injury.

In a very short time we will obtain great results exercising every of our muscles.

Which are the benefits of Paddle Surf?

Does Stand Up Paddle put you in shape?

Without a doubt, one of the benefits of paddle surfing is weight loss, because in a one-hour paddle surfing session you can burn up to 450 kcal while invigorating your muscles.

Obviously, if the goal is to lose weight not only with paddle surfing you will achieve it, but you will also have to combine it with a healthy food and an effective lifestyle.

Woman in red bikini on blue paddle surf board in paddle surf your with Wailele at Maro Nerja near the waterfall

2- Is Paddle Surf good for the back?

Yes, SUP is definitely a very beneficial activity for those who suffer back pain.

Strengthens all back muscles, both dorsal and lower back. However, at the beginning some people may find the lower back a little uncomfortable, the pain will disappear in a few sessions whenyou improve the paddleing technique and the muscle gains tone.

Man on a paddle surfboard in front of the Maro waterfall in Nerja

Training the core will also help us to improve possible back problems. But if the aches and pains get worse, you should visit a doctor.

3- Does it help to get better abs?

Keeping the balance at all times, you keep the abs going without a break throughout the session.

Additionally, in each stroke you work the oblique muscles remarkably.

With paddle surfing and a good diet you will have some enviable abs.

Differences between SUP and Surf

You can practice paddle surfing almost every day because you don’t need waves to paddle.

You can also have a great variety of modalities to adapt it to any condition.

group of people practicing Paddle Surf Yoga at Maro beach in Nerja Malaga

You can paddle in a calm sea, lake or a river, surf and ride waves on days when you can surf or do a downwind on windy days. Even practice sup-yoga on the paddle surf board. Another highly recommended activity that is beneficial for the body and mind.

What are the benefits of paddle surfing for the mind?

Any water sport can be a powerful tool for self-knowledge and reconnection with oneself, with the environment and consequently with life.

The sea renews energy. Reconnecting with the natural environment and with ourselves is undoubtedly the most amazing of the benefits of paddle surfing.

Two women on inflatable paddle-surfing boards walking in crystal-clear water

As a sport that requires all your attention, you have no other choice but to enjoy the moment, ,mindfulness which leads you away from worries and relieves stress.

The connection of the paddle that becomes a kind of repetitive mantra with the swaying of the waves and the wind in your face will make you reach absolute plenitude.

It has been proven that the blue color of the sea has a calming and sedative effects that enhances meditation and sleep.

Does the SUP have any contraindications?

Contraindication as such does not have any unless you already suffer some kind of injury or disease that can be harmful because of the effort you have to make when rowing or maintaining the balance.

In this case we advise you to visit a specialist first, who will be able to guide you better about the benefits of paddle surfing on your current injury or illness.

Another aspect that you should be careful of is the sun exposure. Always use a good sunscreen and if possible a lycra suit to protect yourself and a cap.

As you see it’s all benefits so if you are one of those who have already tried it, we encourage you to continue with the practice and those who haven’t, we hope you won’t let more time go by and come visit us.

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