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Top Visits: What to see in Marbella?

by Wailele
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Marbella Old Town

Marbella old town at night

The Old Town of Marbella with its network of narrow and winding streets typical of Andalusia, where you will find shops, art, architecture, small squares full of terraces, bars, restaurants and lots of life that give this part of the city a unique and charming atmosphere, both during the day, where you can take refuge in the fresh air in its shaded areas, and at night where going out for dinner and a drink is a pleasure.

Alcazaba and the walls

marbella alcazaba walls

Next to the old town, in the historic centre of Marbella, you cannot miss a visit to the majestic Castle Walls, which have been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest due to their good state of conservation and their long history, as their origin dates back to the 11th century during the reign of the Caliphs in the Arab period.

You can take a tour along the walls as a perfect complement to the visit to the old town.

The Avenida del Mar

avenida del mar marbella

Don’t miss a stroll along this lively avenue that leads to the sea between the Alameda and the Paseo Marítimo. The Avenida del Mar is an open-air museum with 10 sculptures by Salvador Dalí.

Enjoy them while you stroll or have a drink on one of the terraces. This area is another of the must-see places in Marbella if you like lively atmospheres.

Puerto Banús

puerto banus marbella malaga

When you think about Puerto Banús, you think of luxury, but if you know how to look you can enjoy this beautiful area of Marbella where there are also places to eat and drink as well as leisure facilities to suit all budgets.

Although the most typical thing to do in Puerto Banús is to sit on one of its terraces and simply watch the incredible sports cars, luxury yachts and glamorous people.

The Alameda Park

Alameda park Marbella Malaga

Just a few steps away from the Paseo Marítimo we find the lung of the city, the Alameda Park.

Beautiful ceramic benches where you can sit and disconnect or simply take a pleasant break in the shade.

The Park is a refreshing green oasis of tranquillity in a city, and is surrounded by bars where you can eat tapas and have a drink.

Artola Beach in Cabopino

Artola Cabopino Marbella Malaga

If naturism is your thing and you like nudism, we recommend one of the best nudist beaches on the Costa del Sol. Artola Beach is nestled between dunes, this long beach of fine golden sand is the perfect place to relax and sunbathe. It has been awarded the European Union Blue Flag.

There are also restaurants and eating places nearby and a small marina.

The promenade

promenade marbella malaga

The promenade is free and pleasant, especially at sunset or sunrise. Have you ever seen a sunrise over the sea? It’s a spectacle that everyone will enjoy.

A walk along the seashore is also a good idea, there is nothing like feeling the sea breeze and the sea waves caressing your feet.

The total length of the promenade is 17 kilometres from Marbella to San Pedro de Alcántara.

Many people choose to go out at dawn to run along the promenade. It’s a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the scenery.

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