Costa del Sol: The best beaches in Benalmadena

The beaches of Benalmádena stand out for their quality and popularity, although we can find quiet and natural beaches the further we move away from the centre of the municipality.

On the Costa del Sol among the best beaches of Benalmadena, we also discover coves exclusively for nudists.

We would like to point out that almost all the beaches have large areas of sunbeds and wooden umbrellas for rent, although there is always space for those who prefer to just use a towel.

In addition, almost all beaches have showers and taps.

The best beaches in Benalmadena

Benalmadena Costa is undoubtedly a great holiday destination if you are looking for great beaches on the Costa del Sol.

Table of contents

  • 1. Playa del Tajo de la Soga.
  • 2. Playa Las Viborillas.
  • 3. Playa Las Yucas.
  • 4. Playa Torrevigia.
  • 5. Playa de Bil-Bil.
  • 6. Playa de Santa Ana.
  • 7. Playa de Malapesquera.
  • 8.Playa nudista de Benalnatura.
  • 9. Playa Los Melilleros.
  • 10. Playa Fuente de la Salud.
  • Playa del Tajo de la soga

    This beach is located in Benalmádena Costa, near the Torremuellearea.

    It is easily accessible for the disabled and has a bus stop next to the beach and parking facilities.

    On the beach of Tajo de la Soga you feel far away from civilisation. It is one of the wildest areas of the Benalmádena coast, surrounded by coves and rocks. It is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a quiet sunny day at the beach.

    Playa Las Viborillas

    Located in Benalmádena, between the beaches of Las Yuccas and Arroyo Hondo.

    It has full body showers and foot taps, beach bars, easy access for the disabled, sun loungers and parasols (for hire), red cross, changing rooms, etc.

    About 400 metres long, the water and the surroundings of Las Viborillas beach are completely natural. It is a very popular beach for everyone.

    Playa Las Yucas

    If you are on your way to Fuengirola, take the turn-off just after Las Viborillas beach.

    It is easy to identify as it is already right on the roundabout and has a restaurant with the same name that can be seen at the same level of the road.

    It has public parking, sun loungers and parasols for hire, showers, easy access for the disabled, litter bins, easy access to the motorway, signposting, beach bars and restaurants.

    Las Yucas is a very attractive beach for those who are looking for a natural space with crystal clear waters, ideal for diving.

    Playa Torrevigia

    If you leave Benalmádena Costa towards Torrequebrada, very close to Sunset Beach.

    At Plata Torrevigia you have public parking, public showers, bay surveillance, first aid, a playground for children, bus stop nearby, easy access for the disabled, nearby hotels, beach bars and restaurants.

    Torrevigia beach is very popular in summer and at weekends, with a multitude of services in the surrounding area.

    Playa de Bil – Bil

    If you are in Benalmádena you may have heard of the Bil-Bil castle.

    To get to this busy beach from Malaga you must take the N-340 road until you reach the Bil-Bil castle, a red Moorish castle located in the centre of Benalmádena Costa.

    The beach stretches the entire length of the area and you can park your car on the Avenida Federico García Lorca which is located nearby.

    There are small beach bars where you can enjoy all kinds of dishes, especially seafood. There is a promenade with shops and bars nearby. It also offers sun loungers with umbrellas for those who are prepared to pay.

    Bil-Bil beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Benalmádena, with fine sand and clean water. It is very popular in summer, especially among young people.

    Playa de Santa Ana

    This beach is located near the N-340 road at the height of the Tritón hotel.

    It has a promenade, showers, easy access for the disabled, parking, beach bars, first aid, nearby hotels, bars, bus stop and taxi rank.

    Located between the beaches of Malapesquera and Bil-Bil, Santa Ana is one of the oldest beaches in the area.

    Playa de Malapesquera

    Almost at the entrance of Benalmádena, at the turn-off to Puertomarina, you can park wherever you want, the beach is situated next to the right side breakwater of the port.

    All kinds of services as well as water activities for hire. You even have a shopping centre with shops and restaurant in the harbour itself.

    Malapesquera is a very popular beach in summer.

    Playa nudista de Benalnatura

    Located next to the N-340 in Benalmádena Costa.

    It is a naturist beach, with showers, beach bar with gardens, etc.

    It has a picnic area nearby and is a very popular beach with nudists visiting the Costa del Sol.

    Playa Los Melilleros

    Located in Benalmádena Costa, Los Melillero beach has public showers, watchtowers, first aid, children’s playgrounds and a promenade.

    It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Benalmádena.

    Playa Fuente de la Salud

    If you go in your own vehicle and take the turning to the port of Benalmádena, the beach of Fuente de la Salud is the one located to the west of the port.

    It is a complete beach in every aspect. Seafront with shops and restaurants, plenty of sun loungers and parasols for hire, showers, easy access for the disabled, tourist information, hotels, beach bars, bars, first aid and rental of water activities such as pedal boats.

    The beach is unique in Benalmádena and its name comes from an old legend that says that its water has a healing effect. It used to be a rocky beach, but today it is sufficiently wide and sandy.

    Both Nerja and the rest of the province are becoming a favourite tourist destination, not only for its beaches. Also for the other options and activities that make the province of Malaga the perfect place to take a holiday and enjoy to the fullest.

    All kinds of restaurants, shops, outdoor activities such as hiking, golf or paddle, concerts throughout the summer.