Top Restaurants: Where to eat in Nerja and Maro

If you are on holiday in Maro and Nerja, the question you can’t miss is “Where to eat in Nerja and Maro”.

The following is the experience of a friendly, fun-loving and talkative fellow we affectionately call… Tomate; a local with a wealth of gastronomic experience.

In short, he has good taste and knows where to eat well in Nerja and Maro.

Table of contents

1. Dolores El Chispa y La Puntilla.

2. Pescadería El Artesano.

3. Restaurante El Oliva.

4. Kiosko de Puntalara.

5. Restaurante El Sekai.

6. Restaurante Puerta del Mar.

where to have food in nerja

The most recommended restaurants for visitors to my village I will base it on value for money and the features of the restaurant that may be difficult to find in other tourist destinations.

Restaurant Dolores El Chispa y La Puntilla

Both are located on the same street with a distance of about 50 metres between them.

Sardine skewers from the Restaurant Dolores El Chispa

They are perfect for tapas, combining the two or for lunch/dinner in either of them.

Grilled squid with potatoes "a lo pobre" from Restaurante La Puntilla in Nerja

El Chispa has the added value of having all kinds of fish on skewer, although only in the summer season, being the only restaurant in the village that offers this service without the need to go down to the beach bars.

Pescadería El Artesano

Another great and very peculiar option is the PESCADERIA EL ARTESANO.

Grilled fish and chips with alioli at Pescaderia El Artesano in Nerja Malaga

As its name suggests, it is a small fishmonger’s and a bar. Their products are fresh and they offer the possibility to prepare any fish or seafood that is in the display case and the tapas are also very good.

Restaurant El Oliva

The Oliva is spectacular but in his humble opinion, it is more for special occasions.

Cod with cream of mashed potatoes and red peppers from Restaurante El Oliva in Nerja Malaga

They have good service and a tasting menu worthy of much more expensive restaurants.

Recommended, everything is delicious but the duck fuet for me is “yumy yumy”.

El Kiosko de Puntalara

Another of my favourites and also a bit peculiar is El Kiosko de Puntalara.

Difficult to find as it is immersed in a housing estate and is not well known.

The best thing to do is to call ahead and ask for the menu and make a reservation with the meal in advance.

Meat and Vegetables Skewer from Kiosko Punta Lara in Nerja Malaga

The place is a kiosk next to a swimming pool and a very, very small kitchen with a cook who is older than the Bavarian forest and who does everything on the spot.

He starts peeling potatoes while giving you conversation.

I don’t like to talk too much, otherwise…but if you don’t call and ask for your order beforehand, you have to wait, but it’s worth it.

The garlic chicken is amazing, the skewer, onion soup… And possibly the best fries in the world, another advantage is that they give you passes to the swimming pool which is quite good with a children’s area and lifeguard,

Restaurante El Sekai

SEKAI is also a great option, although it is in a different price range, it is a restaurant with Asian connotations.

Fresh bluefin tuna salad from Sekai restaurant in Nerja Malaga

Duck menus, teriyaki beef and especially Cajun tuna are my favourites.

I hope my experience and recommendations have been of interest to you and that you enjoy eating in Nerja and Maro.

Restaurante Puerta del Mar

Olivier Salad from the Restaurant Puerta del Mar in Nerja Malaga

It is a seafood restaurant where at the same bar you can eat the best Olivier salad, a delicious monkfish liver pâté, avocado salad or the best seafood platter. Although I must warn you that the category of this seafood restaurant is very high. Their service and quality is…top top.

Yours sincerely,