Maro Beach: Kayak Tour along the Cliffs and Waterfall

Maro Beach

We set off from playa de Maro in the direction of the cliffs. The first point we come across is a rocky area with crystal clear waters and a tiny cove.

Maro Cove

La Cala de Maro; we call it the little cove of love, but it doesn’t really have a name.

It is a small cove, perfect if all you want is peace and quiet, sunbathing and swimming.

A tip if you decide to go to Maro beach and do the Kayak Tour or the Paddle Surf Tour.

Do not confuse Cala de Maro with Maro Beach. The Tour leave from Maro Beach and it is easy to get confused when it is time to get off.

This advice will save you from going down and then having to climb back up to get to the right beach. We make it easy for you in this way and you can’t miss it.

If you go to the Cala de Maro, always go down the road on the right.

If you go to Maro Beach to do the Kayak or Paddle Surf Tour, always go down the path to the left.

Maro Waterfall

The next point is the Maro waterfall. One of the most spectacular places on the tour.

Nature in its purest form.

The only place on the Spanish coast where a waterfall flows into the sea.

Corridor of silence

We then move on to the corridor of silence, a rocky area which is always quiet and which we advise guests to pass through in silence, to appreciate the sounds of the cliff. Because it is hollow, it sounds like it is breathing.

From there we go to a small spring and pass in front of the cove of Maro, the blue summer cove.

Afterwards we stop to snorkel in a corner of the cove where there is a large amount of oceanic poseidonia.

The fish love it and there are usually a lot of them at this point.

Maro Canyon

Then we go to Barranco de Maro, a cove inhabited by hippies who hide behind the reeds and have been living there for 20 years.

There is a rock called the fertility rock that if you bathe in it you get “pregnant”; that’s what they say, but so far it has not been scientifically proven.

Maro Cliffs

Then we go to the highest part of the cliff; 40 m from where we can see the fallen rock, a gigantic rock that came off the cliff in a storm.

Waterfall of the Maidens

Continuing the route we arrive at the waterfall of the maidens, a small waterfall where the maidens used to collect water and the fishermen came to fish, it was a meeting point for maidens and fishermen.

Sea Wolf Cave

And finally the Sea Wolf Cave.

A small but spectacular cave when you enter with your kayak route.

As we have seen, the Maro Nerja kayak tour along the cliffs is an activity not to be missed in summer.

One of the advantages of kayaking in Maro Nerja with Wailele is that we are right next to the waterfall.

This allows you to arrive earlier and enjoy more time in the area and have a swim.

Remember that before or after a refreshing ride along the cliffs and waterfall of Maro, on the Costa del Sol, you can enjoy other outdoor activities such as hiking, golf or the now trendy sport paddle tennis.