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Spanish paella recipe: How many types are there?

by Wailele
Spanish seafood paella

Spanish paella is the most representative dish of our gastronomy outside Spain.

It is a great subject of debate, especially among Valencians and the rest of Spanish people around the country, who often make their own version of paella. For Valencians, this dish should not be a source of improvisation, as there are several types of paella that have their own recipe.

Types of paella

This is why it is difficult to know exactly how many types of paella there are, as for the more traditional, mixed paella is an invention and should not be considered a traditional dish, while for others paella is made with poultry and seafood. Even so, we have tried to compile a list of the seven best known versions of this typical dish.

Valencian Paella

Spanish paella of original valencian recipe

This is the best known and is prepared with a stir-fry of garlic, onion, pepper and tomato and, as a fundamental ingredient, rabbit. In this recipe, the most important thing is how well the rice is cooked, so it is advisable to follow the instructions and quantities.

Meat paella

Meat spanish paella

This version is the most commonly prepared in Spanish kitchens, as it is a variant of the Valencian paella, but with chicken instead of rabbit, previously marinated with pepper and sweet paprika, and peas can also be added.

Seafood paella

seafood spanish paella

A typical dish for beach days. This recipe, as its name suggests, usually contains squid, prawns and mussels or clams. Here the rice takes on the flavour of the seafood and turns it into a delicious snack to accompany with a white wine at a beach bar.

Mixed Paella

Mixed Spanish paella with seafood and meat

For many, an invention that should not be called paella, for others one of the best-known types of paella outside Spain. Here seafood is mixed with meat. You start by cooking the sofrito, then add the meat and then the rice and let the ingredients cook and finally add the seafood.

Black Paella

Black spanish paella

This typical Galician dish is characterised above all by its black colour, which is due to the squid ink. This ingredient also gives it a strong flavour, which is why not everyone likes it. Its preparation is similar to that of seafood paella.

Vegetable paella

Spanish paella of vegetables

This new version of paella is mainly intended for vegetarians. It is mainly made with artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms and some kind of pickles such as capers or olives.

Lobster paella

Lobster spanish paella

This is a different version of seafood paella as it only accepts lobster, which gives it a very special and different flavour. This recipe is the most select of the paellas and also the most expensive due to the high price of lobster in Spain.

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